481. Type of pheromone which get together the insects for food and mating is known as________________?

A. Alarm pheromone
B. Aggregation pheromone
C. Sex pheromone
D. Trial marking pheromone

482. Silk is produced by_____________insect ?

A. Laceifer lacae
B. Bombyx mori
C. Apis cerana
D. Apis dorsata

483. Commercial production of silk is called_________________?

A. Sericulture
B. Apiculture
C. Floriculture
D. Lac culture

484. What is function of deterrent__________________?

A. Chemical which prevent feeding
B. Prevent ovipositon of an insect
C. Prevent feeding and oviposition of an insect
D. None of the above

485. What is the most social insects__________________?

A. Black ants
B. Termites
C. Honeybees
D. None of the above

486. Those insects which lives in groups, clones or tribes form are called__________________?

A. Gregarious insects
B. Social insects
C. Solitary insects
D. Household insects

487. The bees are not reared for commercial purpose are called_________________?

A. Domestic bees
B. Wild bees
C. None of the above
D. Wild bees

488. Royal Jelly made up of__________________?

A. Pollen and water
B. Pollen, water, nectar
C. Pollen and nectar
D. Pollen, Water, Nectar

489. What is bee bread____________________?

A. Honey and wax
B. Pollen and nectar
C. Honey and pollen
D. non of these

490. In honey bees a flight for mating purpose is called_________________?

A. Nuptial flight
B. Straight flight
C. Tactile flight
D. None of above