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421. Some insects which are used as bio control agents for used control is called________________?

A. Entomophagous parasites
B. Zoophagous parasites
C. Phytophagous parasites
D. None of the Above

422. The parasite which requires only one host for its complete life cycle is called________________?

A. Monoxenous parasites
B. Zoophagous parasites
C. Phytophagous parasites
D. Entomophagous parasites

423. The parasites whose hosis are also parasites collectively termed as___________________?

A. Hyperparasites
B. Phytophagous parasites
C. Heteroxenous parasites
D. None of the Above

424. Best example of parasites are ___________________?

A. Ichneumon, Fleas
B. Trichograma sp, Horse flie
C. Cotesia sp
D. All of above

425. The insect which Parasitizes one species of host is called__________________?

A. Obligated Parasite
B. Permanent Parasite
C. Transitory Parasite
D. Intermitted Parasite

426. Cotesia flavipers is endo larval parasite of_________________?

A. Sugarcane stem borer
B. Sugarcane top borer
C. Sugarcane root borer
D. Sugarcane black borer

427. The parasites which capable of parasitizing a considerable number of host species is called____________________?

A. Polyhagous parasites
B. oligophagous parasites
C. Facultative parasites
D. Transitory parasites

428. The ingredient of pesticide formulation responsible for toxic effect is called_________________?

A. Active ingredient
B. Insert ingredient
C. Dose
D. Pesticide

429. The pesticide which is used for killing or controlling the eggs of insects is called___________________?

A. Avicide
B. Ovicide
C. Pesticide
D. Fungicide

430. The chemical used for controlling fish is called__________________?

A. Ovicide
C. Pesticide
D. herbicide