921. In wheat total crop P uptake per ton of gram is about;__________________?

A. 5-20 Kg
B. 2-3Kg
C. 5-7 Kg
D. 20-25 Kg

922. 2,4-d is synthetic herbicide derived from_______________?

A. Amino acid
B. Valine
C. Auxins
D. Cytokmins

923. Penetrometer are used for measuring__________________?

A. Soil tilth depth
B. Soil moisture
C. Soil compaction
D. Soil seepage

924. Excess of nitrogen to plants causes_________________?

A. Delay in ripening
B. Delay in growth
C. Delay in germination
D. All the above

925. Root nodules in plants help in___________________?

A. Photosynthesis
B. aeration
C. Nitrogen fixation
D. Respiration

926. Green revolution came into being due to evolution of_________________?

A. Wheat varieties
B. Sugarcane varieties
C. Cotton varieties
D. All the above

927. The major source of foreign exchange earning is________________?

A. Wheat
B. Sugarcane
C. Cotton
D. Jute

928. The enzyme responsible for biological nitrogen fixation is________________?

A. Lipase
B. Nitrogenase
C. Isomerase
D. Kinease

929. The equipment used for separating, cleaning and grading small seeds from given sample is______________?

A. Seed blower
B. Seed sorter
C. Seed divider
D. a and b

930. Geographical area of Pakistan in million hectare is_______________?

A. 60
B. 80
C. 95
D. none of the above