501. The lowest pest population that will cause economic damage is called ___________________?
A. Economic injury level
B. Economic threshold level
C. Economic damage
D. None of the Above
502. The pest which causes no significant damage but due to unjudious use of chemical they cause significant loss is called ?
A. Secondary pest
B. Key pest
C. Occasional pest
D. Migrant pest
503. An insect pest normally present at some time during the growing season that causes the economic damage to a crop is called ?
A. Key pest
B. Secondary pest
C. Occasional pest
D. Migrant pest

504. When damage cause by insect pest is slight such pest is referred as___________________?

A. Major pest
B. Minor pest
C. Key pest
D. Migrant pest

505. The collective action of environmental factors that maintain numbers of pest population with in certain limit over a time is called_______________?

A. Artificial control
B. Natural control
C. Cultural control
D. Physical control

506. Reduction in pest population by the utilization of agricultural practices to make the environment unfavorable for pest is called__________________?

A. Natural control
B. Mechanical control
C. Physical control
D. Cultural control

507. Which is the strongest animal of the world_________________?

A. Whales
B. Elephants
C. Ants
D. Beetles

508. The use of two or more pest control method except chemical control in a planned way to control pests is called__________________?

A. Integrated pest management
B. Integrated pest control
C. Integrated insect pest management
D. Pest resource

509. An explosive increase in population of particular species that occurs over a short period of time is called________________?

C. Pest resurgence
D. Pest outbreak

510. The pest which damages the crop and causes a loss in quality or quantity which can be calculated such pest is called_______________?

A. Insect pest
B. Pest
C. Economic pest
D. Sub economic pest