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381. Total complete resistance against any adverse condition is called_________________?

A. Immunity
B. Tolerance
C. Resistance
D. Plant resistance

382. A type of resistance in which a series of different cultivars of the same crop are infested with a series of different insect biotype of same species show no differentia intersction, such type of resistance is___________________?

A. Specific resistance
B. Horizontal resistance
C. General resistance
D. Cross resistance

383. When some cultivars are resistance and some cultivars are susceptible, when they are infested with same insect biotype such type of resistance is called___________________?

A. General resistance
B. Specific resistance
C. Cross resistance
D. Horizontal resistance

384. A population or group of insects composed of a single genotype is called_____________________?

A. Pilosity
B. Biotype
C. Genotype
D. Phenotype

385. These insects which lie in organized colonies or possess cast system is called___________________?

A. Social insect
B. Stored grain insect
C. House hold insect
D. None of the above

386. The insects which spend their lives individually and do not lives in colonies are known as_____________________?

A. Social insects
B. Solitary insects
C. Gregarious
D. Stored grain insects

387. The colony of termites is called___________________?

A. Termitorium
B. Cage
C. Hive
D. Comb

388. The bees which are reared artificially as commercial business are called________________?

A. Domestic bees
B. Wild bees
C. None of above
D. Jelly

389. The artificial food of Queen is known as_______________________?

A. Jelly
B. Royal Jelly
C. Bee bread
D. Nectar

390. Difference between workers and drones _____________________?

A. Drones are female while workers are sterile
B. Drones are male while workers are sterile
C. Drones are sterile while workers are sterile
D. None of the above


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