1191. All the SSP and some nitrophos are are manufactured locally by the National Fertilizer Corporation (NFC): SSP at_________?
A. Faisalabad
B. Jaranwala
C. Haripur
D. All of these

1192. In Pakistan, Nitrophos is manufactured in_________?
A. Multan
B. Sawat
C. Lasbella
D. Shikarpoor

1193. Potassium (K) occurs as a constituent of the earth’s crust in the proportion of_________?
A. 23 %
B. 2.3 %
C. 17 %
D. 1.7 %

1194. Oxygen and Silicon together comprise approximately ______ %of the earth crust?
A. 64 %
B. 79 %
C. 75 %
D. 73 %

1195. The relative abundance of three types of rocks ( igneous-metamorphic- sedimentary) in the earth’s crust is_________?
A. 12.5 % -12.5 % – 75%
B. 64.7 % – 27.4 % – 7.9 %
C. none of A & B
D. 7.9% – 27.7 % – 64.4

1196. Association of two microorganisms in which one is benefited while other remains unaffected is known as:________?
A. Competetion
B. Ammensalism
C. Commensalism
D. This statement is wrong

1197. Organic (O) horizon is absent in_________?
A. Mollisols
B. Histosols
C. Arable soils
D. Non-arable soils

1198. Integrated Nutrient Management (INM) is a well-accepted approach for the sustainable management of________?
A. Soil Productivity
B. Increased crop production
C. both a and B
D. None of these

1199. The appropriate method to apply phosphatic fertilizers is__________?
A. Top dressing
B. Broad casting
C. both A and B
D. Basal placement

1200. The soil samples are dried at _______________, for gravimetric soil analysis?
A. 110 0C
B. 120 0C
C. both A and B
D. 105 0C


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