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401. Which families are most of them are scavenger ?

A. Tineidae
B. Pyralidae
C. Tineidae and Pyralidae
D. Culicidae

402. Most of the insect require__________________?

A. Vitamin B
B. Vitamin C
C. Vitamin A
D. Vitamin D

403. The largest insect of the world___________________?

A. Elephant beetle
B. Hairy winged beetle
C. Grasshopper
D. Locust

404. Which insect cut the root of plants____________________?

A. Mole cricket
B. Ground beetles
C. Pyrilla
D. Gryllobllated

405. Any organism which harm or causes damage man directly or indirectly called as________________?

A. Insect
B. Insect pest
C. Pest
D. none of the above

406. The rapid reappearance of the pest population in injurious number is called_________________?

C. Pest resurgence
D. Pest outbreak

407. The amount of pest induced injury to the crop which will justify the cost of artificial control measures is called________________?

A. Economic damage
B. Economic threshold
C. Economic injury level
D. None of the Above

408. The pest population at which control measure should be taken to prevent the pest population to build up to reach economic injury level is called_________________?

A. Economic threshold level
B. Economic injury level
C. Economic damage
D. None of the Above

409. Main kind of insect pests are___________________?

A. Major pest and minor pest
B. Key pest
C. Migrant pest and potential pest
D. All the above

410. Desert locust is__________________?

A. Migrant pest
B. Occasional pest
C. Key pest
D. Potential pest