611. A dam which is prevented from overturning by the action of lateral or vertical up thrust of water by its weight is called __________________?

A. Gravity dam
B. Arch dam
C. Buttress dam
D. Coffer dam

612. The formula used to calculate maximum flood discharge for a hilly () is_______________?

A. Dicken’s formula
B. Ryve’s formula
C. Nawab Jung Bahadur All formula
D. Inglis formula

613. A fluid is a substance that ____________________?

A. Always expands until it fills any container
B. Is partially incompressible
C. Can not remain at rest under the action of any shear force
D. Can not be subjected to shear force

614. Cavitation is caused by _____________________?

A. High velocity
B. Low discharge
C. Low pressure
D. High pressure

615. The velocity in a large canal or channel measured at a depth of ___________________ gives the mean velocity using the current meter?

A. 0.6m
B. 0.5m
C. 0.6 depth
D. 0.5 depth

616. The last length of the river before it falls into the sea is known as __________________?

A. Mountainous stage
B. trough stage
C. Delta stage
D. Sub-mountainous stage

617. The forces coming over the gravity dam is mainly resisted by ___________________?

A. Water pressure
B. Uplift pressure
C. Self weight of the dam
D. All the above

618. The contour of equal water heads and pressure in the soil mass beneath retaining structure are called___________________?

A. Stream lines
B. Equipotential lines
C. Equilibrium lines
D. Streak lines

619. The minimum moisture content at which a water drop if placed on a smooth surface of soil will not be absorbed immediately by the soil is called __________________?

A. Soil moisture content
B. Moisture content
C. Soil saturation
D. All are correct

620. The height from the top of the embankment to the normal water level in canal .Dam – Reservoir etc, which allows for small waves to splash without over flow is called___________________?

A. Free board
B. Free space
C. Free faced
D. Free end –