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441. Death of an insect from a single dose is called__________________?

A. Defoliant
B. Bait
C. Chronic poisoning
D. Acute poisoning

442. Chemical added to pesticide to increase its activity is called________________?

A. Activator
B. Agitation
C. Adjuvant
D. Synergism

443. A substance used in a pesticide, it helps the spray material to adhere to the sprayed surface is called_________________?

A. Adhesive
B. Adjuvant
C. Activator
D. Agitation

444. A poison produced by a plant, animal or organisms is called____________________?

A. Toxin
B. Toxicant
C. Neurotoxin
D. None of the Above

445. A substance that destructive to nerve tissue is called____________________?

A. Toxicant
B. Neurotoxin
C. Drift
D. Swath

446. Toxic refers to a________________?

A. Poison
B. Poisonous material
C. None of the Above
D. Both of them

447. A dose of a toxicant that kills 50% of the exposed organism is called_________________?

A. LC50
B. LD50
C. None of the Above
D. LD75

448. Against sucking and chewing insect pest we apply___________________?

A. Monocrotophos, Diazinon, Profenophos
B. Endosulfan, Deltamethrin, Dimethoate
C. Cypermethrin, Permethrin,Malathion
D. All the above

449. Against Lepidopterous larvae we apply_________________?

A. Lefenuron, Chlorfluazuron, Flufenoxum
B. Formothion
C. Methamidohpos
D. All the above

450. What is DDT__________________?

A. Dichloro-diphenyl,trichloro,ethane
B. Dimethory diphenyl,trichloro,ethane
C. Dichloro diphenyl teracholoride
D. None of the Above