1031. The pH of urea fertilizer is _________________?

A. 4.00
B. 3.5
C. 8.0
D. non of these

1032. A good source of vegetable protein is________________?

A. Com
B. Egg
C. Pulses
D. non of there

1033. What do you mean by WTO__________________?

A. World trade organization
B. Western training organization
C. World trade order
D. non of there

1034. Conducting experiments in glasses is called________________?

A. Invitro
B. Invivo
C. In-ova
D. In-sin

1035. Auxins and cytokinins are__________________?

A. Growth regulators
B. Herbicides
C. Insecticides
D. Fungicides

1036. Allelopathy interaction between plants playa crucial role in___________________?

A. Ecosystems
B. Community
C. Both a and b
D. non of there

1037. Allelochemicals are used as growth regulators and natural pesticides to promote__________________?

A. Sustainable agriculture
B. Improve agriculture
C. Both a and b

1038. Sunflower is allelopathic crop to many____________________?

A. Microorganisms
B. Weeds
C. None of the above

1039. Allelocliemicals may enter in the soil through the process of_________________?

A. Diffusion
B. Mass flow
C. Root exudation

1040. The allelochemicals are broadly classified as_______________?

A. Cytokinin and ethylene
B. Phenolics and. terpenoids
C. Trytophan
D. non of there


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