1261. One ha cm of water is equal to__________?
A. 100 tonnes of water
B. 100000 litres of water
C. Both A & B
D. 10 tonnes of water

1262. Walkley and blacks method of organic matter determination allows recovery of ______ ℅ organic carbon content:
A. 44 ℅
B. 45 ℅
C. 33℅
D. None of the above

1263. Most out standing green manure crop is__________?
A. Sun hemp
B. Dhaincha
C. Both of the above
D. None of the above

1264. Journal ‘Plant and Soil’ is published from__________?
B. Japan
C. The Neterlands
D. Pakistan

1265. Select the water soluble phosphatic fertilizer from the following__________?
D. All of these

1266. 1 bar is equal to_________?
A. 0.9869 atm
B. Wt. Of a 1020 cm water column
C. 75.01 cm high mercury column
D. All of these

1267. Soil order characterized by excess of weathering with dominant iron and aluminium oxide clays, common in tropics is_________?
A. Alfisols
B. Mollisols
C. Entisols
D. Oxisols

1268. Source of negative charges on silicate clays is/ are________?
A. Exposed crystal edges
B. Isomorphous substitution
C. Anion exchange
D. All of these

1269. The indicator used for estimation of the soil available boron is_______?
A. Mixed indicator
B. Phenolpthalein
C. Diphenyle
D. Azomethine-H