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161. A simplified picture of economic reality, an abstract generalization ?

A. Economic theory
B. Economic principle
C. Economic model
D. None

162. An accounting item which increase the value of an asset___________________?

A. Debit
B. Credit
C. Loan
D. None

163. A type of unemployment caused by insufficient total spending___________________?

A. Under employment
B. Underdevelopment
C. Cyclical unemployment
D. None

164. A section in a nation’s international balance of payments which records its export and import of goods and services, its net investment income, and its net transfers ?

A. Current account
B. Fixed account
C. Saving account
D. Capital account

165. A legal entry chartered by a state or the federal govt. which is district and separate from the individuals who own it ?

A. Co-operative
B. Partnership
C. Corporation
D. None

166. A bank which lends to developing nations to help them increase their capital stock and this achieve economic growth ?

B. Islamic Bank
C. Commercial bank
D. None

167. A curve showing the distribution of income in an economy___________________?

A. Lorenz curve
B. Indifference curve
C. Income budget line
D. Investment damage curve

168. A rise in the general level of prices in an economy___________________?

A. Inflation
B. Dearnen
C. Both
D. None

169. The absence of artificial barriers to trade among individuals and firms in different nations ?

A. Free trade
B. Free economy
C. Trade union
D. None

170. Employment available resources so that the maximum amount of goods and services is produced?

A. Large scale production
B. Full production
C. Fringe benefits
D. None