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341. Insect which are found every where are called___________________?

A. Cosmopolitan insects
B. Household insects
C. Store grain
D. None of the above

342. Three main part of antennae are _____________________?

A. Scape pedicel, flagellum
B. Ring, funicle, club
C. Scape, club, flagellum
D. Pedicle, scape, club

343. The study of functions of insect is insect physiology__________________?

A. Insect ecology
B. Insect morphology
C. None of the above
D. Insect physiology

344. The dorsal sclerotized region of insect body is called__________________?

A. Tergum
B. Pleuron
C. Sternum
D. None of the above

345. The ventral selerotized region of insect body is called___________________?

A. Pleuron
B. Tergum
C. Sternum
D. None of the above

346. Examples of monophagous insect is_________________?

A. Helicoverpa armigera
B. Ants
C. Green lacewing
D. Pectinophora gossypiella (Pink bollworm)

347. Viviparous insects which produced__________________?

A. Eggs
B. Young ones
C. Nymph
D. None of the above

348. Insects which are active at night are called________________?

A. Diurnal insects
B. Nocturnal insects
C. Crepuscular insects
D. None of the above

349. Insects which are mainly during evening or morning twilight are called_______________?

A. Crepuscular insects
B. Nocturnal insects
C. Diurnal insects
D. None of the above

350. A free living animal that attack and feed on other organism is called_______________?

A. Predator
B. Parasite
C. Scavenger
D. Parasite