1101. A warm summer and pronounced winter is called________________?

A. Arid
B. Tropical
C. Temperature
D. None of the above

1102. What is SAZDA_______________?

A. Sindhi Agricultural Zonal Development Authority
B. Sindhi Arid Zone Development Authority
C. None of the above
D. non of these

1103. Hyderabad district area is in_________________?

A. Thai range area
B. Raygistan range area
C. Cholistan range area
D. None of the above

1104. The technical name of janter is_________________?

A. Sesbania sesban
B. S. aphylla
C. S. oleaides
D. S. mavretiana

1105. Mesophytes are grown in__________________?

A. Dry condition
B. Moist places
C. Desert area
D. None of the above

1106. Removal of branches for forage is________________?

A. Litter
B. Lopping
C. Foraging
D. None of the above

1107. Hot desert has mean annual temperature of___________________?

A. 50°C
B. 40°C
C. 30°C
D. None of the above

1108. The deficient level of N(%) in plants suggested by various workers is_________________?

A. <2%
B. <1%
C. <5%
D. 10%

1109. Initial vegetation that invades and occupies the area is called_________________?

A. Pioneer
B. Range
C. Resin
D. None of the above

1110. The total dry matter produced by a plant as a resulting photosynthesis is called_______________?

A. Biological yield
B. Mass
C. Physical productivity
D. None of the above