Statistics MCQS for Test Preparation

S.NOStatistics MCQSS.NOStatistics MCQS
1Basic Statistics2Sampling
3Correlation and Regression4Binomial And Hypergeometric Probability
5Measures Of Dispersion6Presentation Of Data
7Chart and Graph8Probability
9Sample Linear Regression10Statistical Inference
11Index Number12Normal Distribution
13Measures Of Location14Hypothesis

1.In natural Sciences, statistics____________.

A. Has no role
B. Average
C. Plays an Important role
D. Study

2. In statistics, a sample means__________?

A. A portion of the sample
B. A portion of the population
C. All the items under investigation
D. None of the above

3. A numerical value calculated from sample is called____________?

A. Mathematics
B. Economics
C. Statistic
D. None of these

4. Census reports used as a source of data is____________?

A. Primary source
B. secondary source
C. Organized data
D. none

5. Statistics are ___________ expressed?

A. Descriptive
B. Ability
C. Qualitatively
D. Quantitatively

6. In the plural sense, statistic means____________?

A. Methods
B. Data
C. Science
D. Meteorology

7. The word statistics is defined as_____________?

A. Singular Sense
B. Plural Sense
C. Singular as well as plural sense
D. Non of these

8. Statistics is the backbone of_____________?

A. Economics
B. Mathematics
C. Research
D. Computer

9. Use of Statistics in planning is ____________?

A. Useless
B. Various Methods
C. Unavoidable
D. Samples

10. Statistics tests the law of ____________?

A. Other sciences
B. physics
C. Business
D. Literary subjects

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