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241. Building of new factories in particular nation by corporations of other nations ?

A. Discrimination
B. Direct foreign investment
C. Profit maximization rule
D. Economies of scale

242. A labour union which limits its membership to workers with a particular skill ?

A. Labour union
B. Craft union
C. Credit union
D. None

243. A federal budget deficit caused by a recession and a consequent decline in tax revenues ?

A. Annual deficit
B. Cyclical deficit
C. Anticipated deficit
D. None

244. A schedule showing the amounts households plan to spend for consumer goods at different levels of disposable income is called________________?

A. Income schedule
B. Saving schedule
C. Consumption schedule
D. None

245. A firm which engages in in the busyness of banking_________________?

A. State bank
B. Commercial bank
C. World bank
D. None

246. A tax which is a constant amount at all levels of GDP is termwd as ?

A. Fixed tax
B. Surcharge
C. Lump sum tax
D. None

247. An industry in which economics profits are negative and which will, therefore, decrease its output as firms leave it ?

A. Increasing cost industry
B. Decreasing cost industry
C. Declining industry
D. None of these

248. A course of action indented to correct or avoid a problem_________________?

A. Economic principle
B. Economic policy
C. Economic phenomena
D. Economic rationale

249. Obtaining the socially optimal amounts of goods and services using minimum necessary resources ?

A. Economic efficiency
B. Productive efficiency
C. Allocative efficiency
D. All

250. An accounting item which decreases the value of an asset___________________?

A. Debit
B. Credit
C. Depreciation
D. None