541. The width of the area treated in one pass by a sprayer or other applicator is called___________________?

A. Drift
B. Swath
C. Aerosol
D. Toxin

542. Pheromone used against fruity fly is___________________?

A. Dichlorvos
B. Malathion
C. Carbofuron
D. Mancoze

543. What KD50____________________?

A. Medium knock down
B. Highly knock down
C. Low knock down
D. None of above

544. Specific weight of a liquid is defined as the weight per unit volume at standard Temperature & pressure therefore specific weight of water of water is equal to ____________ kg/m3 in MKS system ?

A. 990
B. 995
C. 999
D. 1000

545. Compressibility of a liquid is defined as vertical or contraction in volume with variation of pressure. Therefore water is considered as ___________________?

A. Expandable
B. In-Compressible
C. Compressible
D. All are correct

546. It is a substance added to a pesticide to impure the qualities of pesticide formulation is called_________________?

A. Adjuvant
B. Synergism
C. Activator
D. Agitation

547. A material which is used to dilute active material is called__________________?

A. Adjuvant
B. Adhesive
C. Carrier
D. Agitation

548. Toxicant refers to a________________?

A. Poison
B. Poisonous material
C. None of the Above
D. Both of them

549. The concentration of a toxicant that kills 50% of the exposed organism is called_________________?

A. LC50
B. LD50
C. None of the Above
D. LD75

550. The quality a of a pesticide to remain as an effective residue because of its low volatility and chemical stability is termed as__________________?

A. Persistence
B. Aerosol
C. Defoliant
D. Desiccant