911. Progeny of nucleus seed is called_________________?

A. Basic seed
B. Breeder seed
C. Foundation seed
D. All the above

912. Use of tetrazolium staining for assessment of seed quality was suggested by________________?

A. Woodstock (1973)
B. Moore (1973)
C. Maguire (1962)
D. Germ (1950)

913. A method of control of pests in which natural predators and parasites are used without causing serious adverse environmental side effects is called_________________?

B. Allelopathy
C. Insect control
D. Chemical control

914. The transport of a substance across a biological membrane against a concentration gradient is called___________________?

A. Passive transport
B. Active transport
C. Absorption
D. Dissolution

915. Number of crops grown on the same piece of land in a year and expressed in percentage is known as_______________?

A. Cropping pattern
B. Cropping index
C. Crop rotation
D. Cropping intensity

916. In Pakistan, the total length of canal system exceeds________________?

A. 59000 Km
B. 52000 Km
C. 58000 Km
D. 60000 Km

917. In Pakistan the area effected due to water erosion is about_________________?

A. 12 million to
B. 13.05 million lia
C. 22 million ha
D. 15 million lva

918. The K is predominantly in______________?

A. Leaves
B. Straw
C. Grain
D. All the above

919. Low soil pH is the indication of_______________?

A. High Mg and Ca
B. High N and S
C. Low N and Ca
D. Moderate Mg and Ca

920. N mineralization is effected by soil pH_______________?

A. Below 6
B. Above 6
C. Above 10
D. None of the above