741. When the weight of weir balances the up lift pressure caused by the head of the water seeping below the weir bed is called ___________________?

A. Cippollite weir
B. Broad crested weir
C. Gravity weir
D. Non-gravity weir

742. The down stream sloping glacis of the Hydraulic structure is made in such a way to form automatically the _____________ and dissipate the surplus energy of flowing water?

A. Afflux
B. Hydraulic jump
C. Pond level

743. The water level required on the upstream side of a canal head regulator, so as to feed the off-taking canal with its full supply is called_________________?

C. Pond level
D. Canal level

744. The under sluices in a weir are provided, at the level of upstream floor dispose off the sediment deposited on downstream is called______________________?

A. Under sluices
B. Head sluices
C. Scouring sluices
D. Sluice gates

745. The various works constructed on river side to control the flow and pass it safely from hydraulic structures are called ___________________?

A. River controlling works
B. River Training works
C. Marginal Embankment
D. Guide Banks

746. A regulator is water controlling structure, it is provided at the head of canal to supply water from parent canal to the branch channel is called_______________________?

A. Head Regulator
B. Cross-Regulator
C. Escape
D. All are correct

747. When high flood passing down weir creating high up lift pressures and there is no flow in the canals, if such condition is taken for design and is called__________________?

A. High flood level
B. Dangerous condition
C. Hydraulic design condition
D. Worst condition

748. If in a river the flood rises and falls suddenly due to storm rain, then such river is called __________________?

A. Virgin
B. Tidal
C. Flashy
D. Deltaic

749. In alluvial river due to the action of centrifugal force, bends are developed by scouring on concave and silting on convex _____________________?

A. Silting & scouring
B. Meandering
C. Aggrading
D. Degrading

750. The groyne pointing downwards in the direction of flow in fiver is called________________?

A. Permeable
B. Impermeable
C. repelling
D. Attracting