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141. Allocative efficiency is__________________?

A. Producing all output combinations in least costly way
B. Producing the specific output mix most desired by society
C. Producing the desired things
D. None

142. Upward shift of the demand curve is due to_________________?

A. Changing in quantity demanded
B. Increase in demand
C. Decrease in quantity demanded
D. None

143. When price for one and demand for other move in same direction we say them___________________?

A. Complementary
B. Substitutes
C. Supplementary
D. None

144. Change in quantity demanded is______________________?

A. Upward movement or shift of entire cure.
B. Shift of the demand curve to left side
C. Movement from one point to the other on the same demand curve
D. None

145. A supply curve shifts because of change in_____________________?

A. The price of the related products
B. Technology
C. Both a and b
D. None of these

146. The ability of Market forces to synchronize selling and buying decision to eliminate potential surpluses and shortages is known as_________________?

A. Generalization
B. Specification
C. Rationing function of the price
D. None

147. The total amount by the federal govt. of the owner of the govt. securities is called___________________?

A. Public debt
B. Public finance
C. Public good
D. None

148. The part of economy which contains all govt. entities is called__________________?

A. Public sector
B. Private sector
C. Public utility
D. None

149. A tax levied on the cost of a board group of products______________________?

A. Income tax
B. Sales tax
C. Consumer charge
D. None

150. A benefit or cost from production or consumption accruing without compensation to non buyers and non/sellers of the product is called_________________?

A. Speculation
B. Specialization
C. Spill over
D. anti dumping


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