801. When the air in a atmosphere is fully saturated with the vapours present in it, then the pressure exerted by such wet air mass will be called ____________________?

A. Vapour pressure
B. Saturation pressure
C. Partial pressure
D. Atmospheric pressure

802. The water evaporates from paddy surfaces to the atmosphere in the form of water vapours, these water vapours get collected in the atmosphere and behave & like_________________?

A. Water
B. Snow
C. Ice particles
D. Gas

803. During the peak stage of river, there exist an out flow from river into the ground water reservoir, in such case river will be called _________________?

A. Influent stream
B. Effluent stream
C. Storm water stream
D. Seepage stream

804. To be more close to the actual field conditions, some times artificial rain tests conducted, the instrument used is called ___________________?

A. Infiltrometer
B. I.C. curve
C. Rain simulator
D. v Hydrometer

805. In the initial stage of rainfall, when soil moisture available in the root zone is very low, the rate of infiltration ?

A. Increases
B. Reduces
C. remain stagnant
D. Norma

806. A particular flood which can occur in the basin in the worst meteorological and hydrological conditions is called ___________________?

A. Standard flood
B. Very high flood
C. Maximum probable flood
D. Storm water flood

807. Hydraulic structures are designed for a safe flow of flood. The floods which are equal in designed magnitude life of the project is called _____________________?

A. High floods
B. Ordinary floods
C. Low floods
D. Probable flood

808. The percentage of culturable commended area, irrigated during the year to the total culturable commanded area on a outlet or channel is called___________________?

A. Annual Intensity
B. Gross commended area
C. Culturable Commended area
D. Total irrigable Area

809. A cloud is formed due to condensation. it consists of a small particle of ice an. small droplets of water, having diameter about ___________microns?

A. 30
B. 35
C. 40
D. 45

810. The amount of moisture content present in the air, when it is expressed as weight per unit volume is called ________________?

A. Humidity
B. Absolute Humidity
C. relative humidity
D. All are correct