571. Readily available moisture is the % of moisture that is always easily available to plant and this moisture is called _________________?

A. 70%
B. 75%
C. 80%
D. 85%

572. __________% of total global water is saline and available in oceans ?

A. 95%
B. 96%
C. 97%
D. 97.5%

573. An aquifer in which water contained under high pressure as the’ aquifer is sand witched between two impervious layer is called___________________?

A. Un-confined aquifer
B. Confined aquifer
C. No-Artesian aquifer
D. All are correct

574. Volume of water that unit volume of aquifer will give up by gravity pull is called ____________________?

A. Specific volume
B. Specific yield
C. Specific retention
D. All are correct

575. The piezometric level of water in the well at zero discharges is called___________________?

A. Full supply level
B. Static water level
C. Water table
D. All are correct

576. In study of a granular material sliding on plane ground, the angle between the perpendicular and the surface in static condition is called ___________________?

A. Angle of friction
B. Angle of internal friction
C. Angle of repose
D. All are correct

577. The fixing of points in such away or the ground to have a correct lines for setting a canal or water course is called _________________?

A. Lining of canal
B. Alignment of canal
C. Designing of canal
D. All are correct

578. That part of the flow in a stream comes from sub-soil or valley, may be beneath the top surface of channel bed is called__________________?

A. Sub-surface flow
B. Base flow
C. Ground flow
D. All are correct

579. The ratio of specific weight of any liquid to the specific weight of water is called as _________________?

A. Density of liquid
B. Density of water
C. Specific gravity of water
D. Specific gravity of liquid

580. The weight per unit of liquid at standard Temperature and pressure is called___________________?

A. Specific weight
B. Mass weight
C. Mass density
D. Capillary rise is significant


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