601. Sediment particles smaller than 0.002 mm which do not settle in water are called____________________?

A. Fine silt particles
B. Fine clay particles
C. Colloids
D. All are correct

602. A line shown on a contour map, set out on ground between certain constant points of slope is called___________________?

A. Gradient
B. Contour gradient
C. Contour line
D. Counter interval

603. Cultivation made on small plane steps because of more steepness of the area is called __________________?

A. Cascade farming
B. Terrace farming
C. Step farming
D. All are correct

604. The law that states that the discharge of sub-soil water is directly proportional to the loss of head and the area of soil sample and inversely proportional to to the length of soil sample ___________________?

A. Archimed’s principle
B. Darcy’s law
C. Permeability law
D. Thiem’s law

605. Development of___________in river is due to meandering ?

A. Delta
B. Critical velocity
C. Cutoff
D. Turbulence

606. Rabi crops pertains to ___________________?

A. Throughout the year
B. Summer season
C. Monsoon season
D. Winter season

607. The delta the total depth of water consumed by a crop from 1st watering when matures, the delta for rice is___________________?

A. 100cm
B. 120cm
C. 80cm
D. 75cm

608. The delta the total water requirement of crop from the time of sowing to harvesting the delta of sugarcane is __________________?

A. 120cm
B. 100cm
C. 80cm
D. 70cm

609. An engineer who is approached by a client for the purpose of design of hydraulic structures like dam. Barrage or Regulator is called ____________________?

A. Chartered Engineer
B. Consulting Engineer
C. Irrigation Engineer
D. All are correct

610. Sliding failure occurs in a solid gravity dam when____________________?

A. Resultant of all forces cuts the base of the dam out side the toe
B. Resultant of all forces cuts the base at the inner middle third point
C. Ratio of over turning moments exceeds than unity
D. Shear friction factor Is less than 1.5