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91. The price paid for the use of services of labour per unit of time is called__________________?

A. Salary
B. Income
C. Wage
D. All

92. A market in which products households sell and firms buy resources or the services of resources is__________________?

A. Resource market
B. Product market
C. Consumer market
D. Producer market

93. A measure of average output or real output per unit of input is called____________________?

A. Efficiency
B. Production
C. Productivity
D. None

94. The households and the business firms of the economy are called__________________?

A. Public sector
B. Ptivate sector
C. Govt sector
D. None

95. The process of deriving principles is called___________________?

A. theoretical economics
B. Economics analysis
C. Both A. and B.
D. None of these

96. An analytic approach in which we move from general to particular from theory to facts is_________________?

A. Induction
B. Deduction
C. Specification
D. None

97. “Wealth of nations” was written by_________________?

A. Lewis
B. Rostow
C. Keynes
D. Adam Smith

98. All goods and services produced in a country in one year are called its__________________?

D. None of these

99. Using part of income/saving for more income is called_________________?

A. Investment
B. Busyness
C. Consumption
D. Entrepreneurship

100. Total consumption deducted from total income is called__________________?

A. Net income
B. Gross income
C. Saving
D. None of these