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301. Any system that features one price for sellers and another for buyers ?

A. Dual price system
B. Floor pricing
C. Ceiling pricing
D. None

302. The part of the urban economy of LDC’s characterized by small competitive individual or family firms, labour intensive methods, free entry and market determined factor and product prices?

A. Formal sector
B. Informal sector
C. Formal finance
D. Informal finance

303. The annual amount that a borrower must pay a lender over an above the total borrowed ?

A. Interest
B. Loan
C. Interest rated
D. None

304. The implicit change in real income resulting from the effects of a change in a commodity’s price on quantity demand?

A. Income effect
B. Substitution effect
C. Labour effect
D. All

305. The responsiveness of the quantity demand of a commodity to change in the consumer’s income, measured by the proportionate change in quantity divided by the proportionate change in income ?

A. Elasticity of demand
B. Import substitution
C. Income elasticity of demand
D. None

306. The currency of a major industrial country, such as the U.S dollar___________________?

A. Main currency
B. Hard currency
C. Stable currency
D. None

307. An index measuring national socioeconomic development based on measures of life expectancy at birth, educational attainment and adjusted per capital income ?

A. Human development index
B. Human poverty index
C. Headcount index
D. None

308. The study of insect is called ?

A. Entomology
B. Applied Entomology
C. Zoology
D. Non of the above

309. An abnormal proliferation of plant cells resulting from outside stimulus (Insect, a fungal growth, a mite) is called ?

A. Gall
B. Boring
C. Malformation
D. Malnutrition

310. Insects in which the young ones pass through complex or indirect metamorphosis are said to be _____________?

A. Hypermetamophosis
B. Holometabola
C. Ametabola
D. Hemimetabola