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361. When the fore wings are modified into halteres. they are called_________________?

A. Filohalteres
B. pseudohalteres
C. Halteres
D. Hemelytra

362. Wings are modified into rod like structure in Thrips are type of wings________________?

A. Membrarieous
B. halteres
C. Stripy
D. Elytra

363. Honey bees with a row of minutes hooks on the anterior wings that catch in to the up-rolled hind border of the fore wing is_______________?

A. Frenulum
B. Jugum
C. Retainaculum
D. hamuli

364. Ants butterflies, wasp, moths have type of legs ______________________?

A. Basket like
B. Cursorial
C. Netatorial
D. Fossorial

365. Insect body divided into external grooves called Sutures__________________?
A. Sutures
B. Somites
C. Sclerite
D. Acron

366. Jumping legs present in grasshopper known as___________________?
A. Saltatorial
B. Raptiorial
C. Cursorial
D. Netatiorial
367. The body wall of insect which includes cuticle, epidermis and basement membrane is__________________?
A. Integument
B. Exoskeleton
C. Internal skeleton
D. None of the above
368. Function of Exo cuticle insect is_________________?
A. Rigidity of body parts
B. impermeability of water
C. Prevent evaporation
D. Toughness and flexibility
369. It is a nitrogenous polysaccharides which are more than 50% of substance of cuticle is called___________________?
A. Sclerotion
B. Resilin
C. Chitin
D. Cuticulin

370. The process of periodic shedding of hard secretion cuticle which occurs during developmental stages of insects is called_______________?

A. Moulting
B. Ecdysis
C. Exuvium
D. Moulting and Ecdysis