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431. The pesticide are derived from naturally occuring element with out carbon is called________________?

A. Inorganic pesticide
B. Organic pesticide
C. Fumigants
D. Natural pesticide

432. Methamidophos, moncrotophos are example of___________________?

A. Organophosphrous pesticides
B. Carbamates
C. Organoctilorine pesticide
D. Pyerthorids

433. Cypermethrin, deltamerthrin, permethrin are example of__________________?

A. Organophosphrous
B. Pyrethroids
C. Organochlorine
D. Carbamate

434. A mixture included pesticides which do not increase or decrease the efficacy of each other is called___________________?

A. Additive mixture
B. Antagonistic mixture
C. Potentiating mixture
D. None of the Above

435. The group of pesticide which makes pest unable to reproduce is called_________________?

A. Sterilant
B. Protectant
C. Selective
D. Fumigants

436. The pesticide does not allow larval insect pest to moult further is called_________________?

A. Insect growth regular
B. Fumigants
C. Sterilant
D. Protectant

437. What colour show extremely hazard to human being_________________?

A. Red
B. Blue
C. Yellow
D. Brown

438. What is antidote__________________?

A. Treatment given to counteract the effects of a poison
B. Increase the effects of a poison
C. No action against pesticide
D. None of the Above

439. Diazepam is an antidote of_________________?

A. Organophosphate
B. Carbamte
C. Organ chlorine
D. Pyrethorid

440. A chemical which attracts pest to a trap is called__________________?

A. Bait
B. Defoliant
C. Acute poisoning
D. Chronic poisoning