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461. Which hormone cause moulting in insect_________________?

A. Ecdysone
B. Juvenile
C. Activation hormone
D. None of the above

462. Proventriculus also called as___________________?

A. Gizzard
B. Crop
C. Esophagus
D. Pharynx

463. Which enzyme breaks protein__________________?

A. Carbohydrates
B. Lipases
C. Proteases
D. Amylase

464. Which insect have bacteria and in their digestive system_______________?

A. Termites
B. Ants
C. Silver fish
D. None

465. Type of reproduction in which young ones are produced by larval or pupal stages is____________________?

A. Paedogenesis
B. Polyembryony
C. Viviparity
D. Polyembrony

466. Tentorium is____________________?

A. Exoskeleton of head
B. Internal skeleton of head
C. Internal skeleton
D. None of the above

467. Function of epiculticle in insect is__________________?

A. Rigidly of body parts
B. Impermeability of water
C. Prevent evaporation
D. Impermeability of water and prevent evaporation

468. Function of endo cuticle is________________________?

A. Prevent evaporation
B. Rigidity of body parts
C. Extensiblity of integument and flexibility
D. Impermeability of water

469. The insect skeleton is composed of series of plates called__________________?

A. Sclerites
B. Conjunctivae
C. Sutures
D. Somites

470. The last segment of insect which bears a structure which help during mating is_________________?

A. Paraproct
B. Subgenital plate
C. Acron
D. Somites


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