1021. The negative logarithm of the hydrogen ion concentration, a measure of the acidity of a solution is called_______________?

A. pH
C. Cl
D. Saliruiy

1022. International institute for Tropical Agriculture is located at________________?

A. Mexico
B. Nigeria
C. Syria
D. Columbia

1023. In Bindi, production of foundation seed needs an isolation distance of__________________?

A. 100 meters
B. 50 meters
C. 200 meters
D. 3 meters

1024. In Sunflower, production of foundation seed requires as isolation distance of__________________?

A. 400 meters
B. 800 meters
C. 200 meters
D. 100 meters

1025. Breeder seed is the progeny of_____________________?

A. Certified seed
B. Nucleus seed
C. Foundation seed
D. Registered seed

1026. In wheat, production of certified seed needs an isolation distance of____________________?

A. 5 Meters
B. 4 Meters
C. 3 Meters
D. 2 Meters

1027. Total cropped area of Sindh is___________________?

A. 2.8 million hac
B. 3.75 million hac
C. 4.00 million hac
D. 4.5 million hac

1028. One of the following insect act as a vector for CLCV________________?

A. White fly
B. Aplud
C. Jassid
D. Heliothus

1029. Causal organism of root rot of cotton is_____________________?

A. Rhizoeionia solani
B. Rhizoctonia bataticola
C. Both of them

1030. IPM stands for_________________?

A. International pest management
B. Interior pest management
C. Integrated pest management
D. non of there