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201. A process of production that uses a higher proportion of capital as compared to other factors of production ?

A. Capital intensive technique
B. Labour intensive technique
C. Both a and b
D. None of these

202. A technological innovation that increase the production while using the same capital input?

A. Capital saving technological process
B. Production intensive technique
C. Capital intensive technique
D. None

203. Problems that occur to the individuals or society as a whole as a result of the unpopular consumption habits. Of another individual e.g drug addiction ?

A. Ammunity
B. Commune
C. Consumption diseconomies
D. None of these

204. From of central bank that issues domestic currency for foreign exchange at fixed rates ?

A. Stock exchange
B. Currency board
C. State Bank
D. Commercial Bank

205. Technologies that by design produce less waste and use resources more efficiently ?

A. Clean technologies
B. Efficient technology
C. Productive technology
D. Innovative technology

206. A cooperative farm or other collectively organized unit ?

A. Corporation
B. Commune
C. Society
D. All

207. The process of improving the quality of all human lives including sustenance, self esteem and freedom________________?

A. Growth
B. Economic growth
C. Development
D. All

208. The principle that if one factor of production is fixed and constant addition of other factors are combined with it, the marginal productivity of variable factors will eventually decline ?

A. Marginal returns
B. Diminishing returns
C. Both
D. None

209. The use of foreign currency as a medium of exchange in place of or long with the local currency e.g. (Mdexican Pesos)___________________?

A. Partial substitution
B. Currency substitution
C. Currency devaluation
D. None

210. Changing the term of existing loan________________?

A. Debt repudiation
B. Debt renegotiation
C. Debt transformation
D. All


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