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321. The young ones of exopteryotes butt aquatic in habit is?

A. Naiad
B. Nymph
C. Larva
D. Adult

322. Young ones of fly is_________________?

A. Imago
B. Maggot
C. Grub
D. Puparium

323. The physiological state or arrested metabolism in which development of insects is delayed irrespective of environmental factors is____________________?

A. Tor por
B. Quiescence
C. Diapause
D. Hibernation

324. Type of diapause occur in summer or under drought condition is called_______________________?

A. Dormancy
B. Torpor
C. Aestivation
D. Starvation

325. Insects feed on one type of food are called __________________?

A. Monophagous
B. Polyphagous
C. Omnivorous insects
D. Carnivorous insects

326. Examples of poly phagous insect is__________________?

A. Helicoverpa armigera
B. Ants
C. Green lacewing
D. Pink bollworm

327. Aphid is example of____________________?

A. Oviparous
B. Viviparous
C. Paedogenesis
D. All type of production

328. Insects which are during day light hours are called_________________?

A. Diurnal insects
B. Nocturnal insects
C. Crepuscular insects
D. Non of the above

329. It is an organism which lives on or within another living organism is called_________________?

A. Parasite
B. Predator
C. Parasitoid
D. Scavengers

330. A few species of ants and termites which depend on cultivated plants are___________________?

A. Agricultural insects
B. Insect pest
C. Pest
D. None of the above