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231. The coordinating mechanism of capitalism is a system of___________________?

A. Capital and laborers
B. Competition
C. Market and prices
D. All

232. A good and service is indivisible and to which the exclusion principle does apply is called_________________?

A. Public service
B. Public good
C. Public finance
D. Public debt

233. An essentially risk free, long term interest rate which is free of the influence of market imperfections?

A. Pure rate of interest
B. Economic rate of interest
C. Nominal rate of interest
D. None

234. An interest bearing deposit which normally can be withdrawn by the depositor at any time ?

A. Saving deposit
B. Fixed deposit
C. Capital deposit
D. None

235. The use of the resources of an individual or firm, a region, or a nation to produce one or a few goods and services ?

A. Specialization
B. speculation
C. Fly over
D. Capital flight

236. An ownership share in a corporation___________________?

A. Stock
B. Corporation
C. Both
D. None

237. A payment of funds by a govt. firm or house hold for which it receives no goods or services in return?

A. Subsidy
B. Tax
C. lump-sum-tax
D. None

238. Total number of monetary units received by a firm from the sale of a product is called___________________?

A. Total revenue
B. Nominal profit
C. Both
D. None

239. To obtain the greates utility consumer should allocate money income so that last dollar spent on each good or service yields the same marginal utility ?

A. Law of diminishing return
B. Say’ law
C. Law of diminishing marginal utility
D. Say’ law

240. Increase in the price level at a rate greater than expected ?

A. Dearness
B. Deflation
C. Stagflation
D. Unanticipated


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