951. A region with an annual rain fall of less than 10 inches comes under_________________?

A. Arid climate
B. Semi arid climate
C. Wet climate
D. Temperature

952. The role of boron and zinc has been recognized in crop_________________?

A. Mustard
B. Sugarcane
C. Rice
D. None of these

953. In fanning system cultivation of two or more crops is known as_______________?

A. Sequential cropping
B. Strip cropping
C. Multiple cropping
D. All the above

954. A long severe winter and short summer is called_________________?

A. Arctic
B. Sub-temperature
C. Semiarid
D. Semi arctic

955. AZR1 is___________________?

A. Arid zone research institute
B. Agriculture zonal research institute
C. Attock Zonal research institute
D. None of the above

956. In Raygistan area which districts of Sindh are included______________?

A. Karachi
B. Hyderabad and N.Shah
C. Sukkar and. Khairpur
D. None of the above

957. What is catchment____________________?

A. An area which drains in to pond
B. An area of woody plantation
C. Ail area of waterlogged condition
D. None of the above

958. The environment where an organism lives is__________________?

A. Habitat
B. Logging
C. Girding
D. None of the above

959. The plants which grown on stream bank are__________________?

A. Pheritophytes
B. Bryophytes
C. Xerophytes
D. None of the above

960. Plants that can tolerate drought are_________________?

A. Xerophytes
B. Trunk plants
C. Hydrophytes
D. None of the above


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