771. A structure provided when a large canal a big drainage channel approach other practically at the same level is called__________________?

A. Super passage
B. Level crossing
C. Canal crossing
D. Drainage crossing

772. When FSL of the canal is sufficiently below the bottom of the drain, so that water flows freely under gravity, such structures is called_____________________?

A. Syphon
B. Syphon – Aqueduct
C. Super-passage
D. Canal-syphon

773. The ratio of the rate of change of discharge through out let to the rate of c./v of water level of the distributary is called_________________?

A. Flexibility
B. Proportionally
C. Setting
D. Sensitivity

774. An outlet through which the discharge depends upon the water level in the distributary is called ___________________?

A. Rigid module
B. Flexible module
C. Non-flexible
D. Non-modular

775. A module or outlet in which discharge depends upon the difference of head between distributary and the water course is called ___________________?

A. Non-modular
B. Modular
C. Semi-modular
D. Rigid module

776. A water pool is designed on the down stream of the hydraulic structure to dissipate the energy of falling water by providing a water cushion called ______________________?

A. Water pool
B. Cistern
C. Down stream pond
D. Water cushion

777. Darcy formula for loss of head in pipes is given by, hf=4fl v2 / __________________?

A. 2gd
B. gd
C. g2d
D. gd2

778. On relative basis, when one soil is eroded as compared to other soil under same conditions, this property is called __________________?

A. Compact ability
B. Erodibility
C. Viscosity
D. All are correct

779. The total dissolved solids in drinking water should not exceed_________________?

A. 1000 mg/litre
B. 1200 mg/litre
C. 1300 mg/litre
D. 1500 mg/litre

780. An open cut in the canal bank. with bed and sides to escape canal water through a lead channel to mix water in a nearby drain is called _____________________?

A. Inlet
B. Out let
C. Module
D. Exit


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