1401. Nayab -78 and MS-84 are the popular verities of :

A. Wheat
B. Rice
C. Cotton *
D. Maize

1402. HSF-242 and CP 33-3 are the verities of :

A. Cotton
B. Sugarcane *
C. Rice
D. Wheat

1403. Kajli and Kemori are the breeds of :

A. Cow
B. Sheep *
C. Buffalo
D. Goat

1404. Farid-2006 and Panjnand-1 are the varities of :

A. Wheat *
B. Cotton
C. Rice
D. Maize

1405. Ravi and Nili breeds are connected with:

A. Buffalo *
B. Goat
C. Sheep
D. Horse

1406. Lohani breed of cows are found in :

A. Kohat
B. Loralai
C. Multan
D. Both A and B *

1407. A copping system where arable crops are grown in the inter spaces between rows of planted times :

A. Relay-cropping
B. Mixed cropping
C. Inter cropping
D. Alley cropping *

1408. A cotton boil damaged by spotted boll worm (earias spp) may be distinguished from that infested by pink bollworm(pectinophora gossypiella) is showing :

A. Internal rottening with no outer opening
B. A large opening containing excrement *
C. Presence of both worm predators
D. None of the above

1409. A demonstration , which shows the value or worth of the new practice :

A. Result demonstration *
B. Method demonstration
C. Whole plot demonstration
D. National demonstration

1410. A duck on average lays ________ than of a hen in a year :

A. 30-4- eggs lesser
B. 20-30 eggs more
C. 30-40 eggs more *
D. At Par