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31. Antenae of insect is__________________?

A. Locomotion organ
B. Sensory organ
C. Sex organ
D. None of the above

32. Collar rot in chilies is caused by___________________?

A. Rhizowhtnia solani
B. phytophilorea infesta
C. phytophithoua spri
D. phytophytora cupri

33. Gurdaspur borer is pest of__________________?

A. Rice
B. Wheat
C. Sugarcane
D. Okra

34. Disease are transmitted through_________________?

A. Seeds
B. Agricultural machinery and implements
C. Winds, insects
D. All the above

35. The sucking type insects of cotton are________________?

A. Jassids and thrips
B. Wlutefly and jassids
C. Thrips and whitefly
D. All the above

36. IPM is a pest control strategy in which__________________?

A. Pest are controlled culturally
B. Predators and parasites are used
C. Cultural and biological control techniques are used
D. Pesticides are used

37. Malpighian tubules are organs of_________________?

A. Excretion
B. Digestion
C. Secretion
D. None of the above

38. The wings and legs of insects are present in___________________?

A. Head
B. Thorax
C. Abdomen
D. Neck

39. Club root is disease of____________________?

A. Tumip
B. Okra
C. Water melon
D. Cabbage

40. Which of the following is disease of rice____________________?

A. Foot rot
B. Brown spot Ratti disease
C. Rice blast
D. All the above