1271. The major soil fertility problems in Pakistani soils deficiencies of N, P and Zn. Deficiencies K, Fe, and B also occur in specific crop genotypes or soil types, while deficiencies of S, Cu, and Mn are negligible. however, the common nutrient deficiencies are_________________: and some micronutrients including Mo?
A. N, P, K
B. Ca, Mg, S
C. both A & B
D. The above statement is wrong

1272. The diagnostic techniques used in evaluating soil nutrient status and determining fertilizer requirements of the crop include:
A. Nutrient deficiency symptoms & field experimentation
B. Greenhouse pot experimentation & soil testing
C. Plant analysis
D. All of the above

1273. From the point of view of crop production, Soil testing refers to______________?
A. Laboratory analysis assessing plant available nutrient status
B. Collection of plant leaves samples only
C. Salinity & elemental toxicity of a soil
D. Both A & C

1274. Rocks and weathered materials transported by ___________ ,act as initial materials for soil formation?
A. Water
B. Wind
C. Glaciers
D. All of the above

1275. Weathering process-physical, chemical, and biological _______________, the rocks and minerals into simpler products which either accumulate in place or are transported to other places where they become soil parent materials?
A. Disintegrate
B. Disentigrate
C. Decompose
D. Both a & c

1276. ‘A’ horizon of the soil is also designated:
A. Eluvistal horizon
B. Illuviated horizon
C. Alluvial horizon
D. None of the above.

1277. Basalt is a __________ rock:
A. fine-grained
B. Dark coloured
C. both A & B
D. None of the above

1278. ______________ consist of particles that are produced by disintegration of pre-existing rocks through the process of weathering:
A. Clastics
B. Non-clastics
C. both A & B
D. None of the above

1279. In Pakistan, The following igneous rocks are found over considerable areas:
A. Marl, gypsum
B. Slate, Shist
C. Dolomite shale, gneiss
D. None of the above

1280. The maximum amount of water which a soil can hold after free drainage has ceased is called as_______?
A. Water potencial
B. Water use efficiency
C. Water harvesting
D. Water holding capacity


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