511. Various methods of pest scouting are_________________?

A. Maryo’s method
B. Diagonal method
C. Zig zag method
D. all the above

512. The insect that parasitize the larger animals are called____________________?

A. Phytophagous parasites
B. Zoophagous parasites
C. Entomophagous parasites
D. None of the Above

513. Insect that parasitic other insects are called_________________?

A. Entomophagous parasites
B. Zoophagous parasites
C. Phytophagous parasites
D. non of theses

514. The parasites which requires several or different hosts for its complete development is called ?

A. Monoxenous parasite
B. Heteroxenous parasites
C. Phytophagous parasites
D. Entomophagous parasites

515. Best example of predators are____________________?

A. Dragon flies, Aphid lions,
B. Trichograma species
C. Lady beetle, flower beetle
D. Dragonflies, Aphid lions, Lady bird beetle, flower beetle

516. Use of living organism to bring down the pest population to sub economic level is called____________________?

A. Biological control
B. Cultural control
C. Physical control
D. Natural control

517. The control of pest by human controlling activities and law is called____________________?

A. Regularity method
B. Chemical method
C. genetic method
D. Physical method

518. The living organism that live in or on the bodies of other living organisms from which they get their food, during at least one stage of their existence is called________________?

A. Predator
B. Parasites
C. Prey
D. Parasitism

519. The living organisms that are smaller, weaker or less intelligent than be predor is called____________________?

A. Host
B. Prey
C. Predator
D. Parasite

520. Zinc phosphide is____________________?
A. Rodenticide
B. Pesticide
C. Insecticide
D. Weedicide