1081. Among the important green house gases two are found in higher concentration________________?

A. Methane and carbon mono oxide
B. Methane and nitrogen
C. Carbon and nitrogen oxide
D. None of the above

1082. Precise assessment of pest pressure to evaluate Economic risk from pest infestations is called_________________?

A.Economic threshold
B. Crop scouting
C. Economic mjury level
D. None of the above

1083. Pasturing system that allows short periods of heavy use followed by recover, period is called as_______________?

A. Differed grazing
B. Hay grazing
C. Forage grazing
1084. D. Rotational grazingincome farm where the operator is producing primarly his family’s needs rather than for sale is called_______________?

A. Family farming
B. Subsistence farming
C. Intensive farming
D. Progressive farming

1085. A treeless arctic plan is called as__________________?

A. Glaciers
B. Barren land
C. Tundra
D. None of the above

1086. Organisms which are genetically modified are called_________________?

A. Hybrid
B. Mutagens
C. Transgenic organisms
D. Strange organisms

1087. The control and preservation of natural resources For present and future use is_________________?

A. Substainability
B. Conservation
C. Biodiversity
D. Environment

1088. A process in which most of the organisms are killed is known as_________________?

A. Heating
B. Sterilization
C. Pasteurization
D. Neutralization

1089. Diversity of animals and crop species in different ecosystems is called as_______________?

A. Mirgation
B. Biodiversity
C. Ecology
D. Ecosystem

1090. Primary air polluted is________________?

A. SO2
B. SO3
C. SO4
D. None