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221. Discount rate that causes a project to have a net present value of zero used to rank projects in comparison with market rates of interest?

A. Rate or returns
B. External rate or returns
C. Internal rate or returns
D. None

222. A deliberate effort to replace major consumer imports by promoting the emergence and expansion of domestic industries such as textile, shoes etc ?

A. Import substitution
B. Export substitution
C. Autarchy
D. Industrialization

223. A household’s or firm’s income in the form of goods or services ?

A. Extra income
B. Income in kind
C. Fixed income
D. None

224. Productive investments embodied in human persons?

A. Fixed capital
B. Human capital
C. Both A and B
D. non of these

225. Index measuring deprivation in basic human development in a country ?

A. Human deprivation index
B. Human poverty index
C. Human development index
D. None

226. Monopoly and oligopoly are the examples of___________________?

A. Perfect competition
B. Imperfect competition
C. Pure competition
D. None

227. A demand curve shifts because of change is_____________________?

A. Consumer tastes
B. Number of buyers in market
C. Incomes
D. All of these

228. Other thing remain the same as price rises, the corresponding quantity supplied rises, as price falls the quantity supplied falls is___________________?

A. Say’s law
B. Keynes theory of supply
C. Law of supply
D. None

229. Determinant of supply is__________________?

A. Resource price
B. Techniques of production
C. Taxes a subsidies
D. All

230. The intersection of the supply curve and demand curve indicates ?

A. Market equilibrium
B. Market demand
C. Market condition
D. None


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