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391. What are productive insects_________________?

A. Silk worms Lac insects Honey bees
B. Parasites, Predators, Pollination
C. Silk worm, Pollinators, Predators
D. Lac insect, Honey bees, pollinator

392. What types of insects are injurious__________________?

A. Agricultural pest, house hold, Store grain, Pollinators
B. Agricultural pest, Parasite, Predator
C. Store grain, Parasite, Predator
D. Agricultural pest, house hold pest, Store grain, insects of domestic animals

393. The workers of ant, of ant, bee and wasps are_________________?

A. May be a non reproductive male or non reproductive female
B. A non reproductive male
C. A non reproductive female
D. none of the above

394. Photogenic organ are present in____________________?

A. Flies
B. Fire flies
C. Wasps
D. Honey bee

395. What is the family of mosquito________________?

A. Culicidae
B. Pyralidae
C. Tineidae
D. Bombicidae

396. Types of pheromones which alert the insect from any danger known as__________________?

A. Alarm pheromone
B. Aggregation pheromone
C. Sex pheromone
D. Trial marking pheromone

397. Types of pheromone which motivate the insects to follow each other is known as____________________?

A. Alarm pheromone
B. Aggregation pheromone
C. Sex pheromone
D. Trial marking pheromone

398. Lac is produced by insect_________________?

A. Bombyx mori
B. Laceifera lacca
C. Apis dorsata
D. Apis cerana

399. Commercial production of lac through lac insects is called___________________?

A. Sericulture
B. Apiculture
C. Floriculture
D. Lac culture

400. Queen and drones have_______________number of chromosome ?

A. Diploid
B. Haploid
C. Triploid
D. None of above