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71. Which one of the following is disease of wheat_________________?

A. Leaf rust
B. Strip rust
C. Loose rust
D. All the above

72. “Economics is the study of causes of material welfare” was defined by___________________?

A. Adam Smith
B. Marshall
C. Robins
D. Marks

73. Total money income received by the individual or recipients of income is called____________________?

A. Gross income
B. Net income
C. Personal income
D. None of above

74. . All the goods and services produced in a country in a year plus other sources of income for example foreign exchange earnings, foreign aid, foreign remittance, loans etc are called ?

B. NNp

75. Power of a good/ service to satisfy human desire/want is called____________________?

A. Utility
B. Worth
C. The point of satiety
D. All of these

76. The sale of products below sale of production in a foreign country or below the prices charged at home is called ?

A. Dumping
B. Subsidy
C. Inflation
D. Monopoly

77. An increase either in real output (GDP) or in real output per capita is called___________________?

A. Economic development
B. Economic growth
C. Growth rate
D. Economic efficiency

78. Reproduction in the average total cost of producing a products as the firm expands the size of plants (its output) in the long run________________?

A. Economics of scale
B. Economics of mass production
C. Both of these
D. None of these

79. A condition when there is excessive produce in the market which lowers down the price is called__________________?

A. Market glut
B. Perfect market
C. Imperfect market
D. All of these

80. The whole body of fungus is known as________________?
A. Thallus
B. Hyphae
C. Mycellium
D. Septale


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