831. Botanical name of American cotton is_________________?

A. . hirsutum
B. G. arborium
C. G. barb dense
D. Non of these

832. Gassypium arborium is__________________?

A. Tetraploid
B. Diploid
C. Triploid
D. Haploid

833. Gassypium herbaceum was originated in______________?

A. Ethipia and South Africa
B. Kenya and South Africa
C. Indonesia and Central America
D. South Mexico and Central America

834. Gassypium hirsutum was developed from a cross between________________?

A. G.arbarieum and G. rainmundii
B. G.arbarieum and G.thurberii
C. G.arbarieum and G.barbadense
D. G.arbarieum and G.herbaceum

835. The force with which the particles of same body are held together is called_______________?

A. Cohesion
B. Adhesion
C. Surface tension
D. All are correct

836. The force with which the distinct bodies held together when their surfaces are brought in contact to each other is called _________________?

A. Adhesion
B. Cohesion
C. Surface tension
D. All are correct

837. The losses of irrigation water due to the seepage but That. does not join the under ground reservoir is called __________________?

A. Seepage losses
B. Absorption losses
C. Evaporation losses
D. Percolation losses

838. Those crops which increase the nitrogen content of the soil and hence the fertility also are called ___________________?

A. Leguminous crops
B. Cash crops
C. Fodder
D. Food crops

839. The value of coefficient of discharge in comparison to cofficient of velocity is found to be ____________________?

A. Lesser
B. More
C. Equal
D. Zero

840. The branch of Science which deals cultivation of land is called________________?

A. Geology
B. Agriculture
C. Horticulture
D. Petrology