651. A flow in which the quantity of liquid flowing per second is constant is called___________________?

A. Uniform flow
B. Steady flow
C. Turbulent flow
D. None of these

652. A flow in which the stream lines may be represented by a straight line is called____________________?

A. Non-uniform flow
B. un-steady flow
C. steady flow
D. one-dimension flow

653. Theoretical velocity of the jet at Vena Contracta is determined by ________________?

A. (2 gh)1/2
B. 2(gh)1/2
C. 2g (h)1/2
D. 2gh

654. The loss of head due to friction according to Darcy’s formula is _____________________?

A. 4fLv2/gd
B. 4fLv2/2gd
C. 4fLv/gd
D. 4fLv/2gd

655. The hydraulic mean depth for a circular pipe of diameter d is ____________________?

A. d/2
B. d/3
C. d/4
D. d/6

656. According to Chezy’s formula, the discharge through an open channel is equal to _________________?

A. C (mi) 1/2
B. A (cmi)1/2
C. Ac√R.S
D. A (c.A/pi) 1/2

657. The discharge through a rectangular channel will be maximum. if its depth is_______________?

A. Twice the width
B. Equal to its width
C. Half of its width
D. one-third of its with

658. The depth of water in a channel, corresponding to minimum specific energy is called ________________?

A. Normal depth
B. Critical depth
C. Full supply depth
D. None of theseThe water force per meter length on a vertical wall is 659. equal to_________________?

A. w H
B. W.H/2
C. WH2 2
D. wh2

660. When ever a body is immersed wholly or partially in water, it is lifted up by a force equal to the weight of water displaced by the body ?

A. Archimed’s Principle
B. Law of gravity
C. Newton’s law of otion
D. None of these