891. There has been emphasis on the conservation of wild relatives of cultivated plants because wild plants________________?

A. Grow better then cultivated plants
B. Serve, as valuable fodder plants
C. Needed to understand the origin of cu;cultivated plants
D. Carrying many useful genes which are lost in cultivated plants

892. The process of converting food nutrients to carbohydrates in plants is called________________?

A. Metabolism
B. Photosynthesis
C. Absorption
D. Assimilation

893. Plants which change from the vegetative to the reproductive stage by producing flowers and fruits when the day become longer is called________________?

A. Long day plants
B. Short day plants
C. Photoperiod
D. Phototropism

894. When crop plants adopt to a new environment are called___________________?

A. Accaumatization
B. Domestication
C. Selection
D. Introduction

895. The organisms which do not prepare their own food and depend on the dead organisms are called_____________________?

A. Saprophytes
B. Parasites
C. Obligatory parasites
D. Bacteria

896. The management of kind by planting a series of crops, pastures or following to maximize production with sustaining land quality is called_______________?

A. Crop rotation
B. Crop sequence
C. Cropping system
D. Crop management

897. Crop ideotype refers to________________?

A. Model plant type
B. Good plant type
C. Ideal plant type
D. All the above

898. The experimental design which control fertility level in two directions is known as________________?


899. Drought is measuring in terms of________________?

A. Yield performance
B. Photosynthesis
C. Root length of seeding
D. All the above

900. Soil reaction of preference of sugarcane is________________?

A. 6.00 pH
B. 7.03 pH
C. 8.00 pH
D. 6.5 pH


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