881. Crop rotation means growing_________________?

A. Same craps
B. Growing green manures
C. Growing different crops
D. Growing fodder crops

882. Critical factors for crop production is________________?

A. Land
B. Water
C. Pure seed
D. fertilizer

883. One hectare is equal to___________________?

A. 3.47 acre
B. 2.471 acre
C. 1.71 acre
D. 1.9 acre

884. The climates of sindh province comes under__________________?

A. tropical
B. Temperature
C. Sub tropical
D. all

885. The soil has got______________?

A. Six horizons
B. Five horizons
C. Seven horizons
D. Two horizons

886. Effects of allelopathic compound in the life cycle of plants cause inhibition of________________?

A. Seed deterioration
B. seed germination
C. Seed swelling
D. non of these

887. Annual rye grass releases a chemical through its root that prevents________________?

A. Crop seeds
B. weed seed
C. Both a and b
D. non of these

888. Allelopathy is an important component in the development of future integrated strategies for____________?

A. Soil management
B. Weed management
C. Water management
D. non of these

889. Allclopatluc interactions in general and the allelochemicals in particular are viewed as an important tool for_______________?

A. Pest and insect management
B. Disease and pest management
C. Weed and pest management
D. non of these

890. Plants which grow on dry region are____________________?

A. Xerophytes
B. Thermophytes
C. Hydrophytes
D. Haplophytes


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