1071. Hitting the seed with force against a hard surface to break seed dormancy is called_______________?

A. Impaction
B. Abrasion
C. Stratification
D. Scarification

1072. Seed bag labeled with white colour indicates_________________?

A. Certified seed
B. Basic seed
C. Pre-basic seed
D. Pure seed

1073. The substance that an enzyme acts upon is known as___________________?

B. Substrate
C. Mycotoxin
D. None of the above

1074. Two much Mg may create deficiency for_____________________?

A. P
B. Ca
C. N
D. K

1075. The contact herbicides are less effective to_________________?

A. Broad leaved weeds
B. Perenial plants
C. Seasonal plants
D. All the above

1076. Tensiometer is used for measuring____________________?

A. Soil moisture
B. Water pressure
C. Wind pressure
D. None of the above

1077. Mg in plants act as___________________?

A. Protein activator
B. Enzyme activator
C. Starch activator
D. None of the above

1078. The given off water vapours from the surface of leaves is called________________?

A. Transpiration
B. Respiration
C. Exudation
D. Evaporation

1079. A crop grown on residual moisture after harvesting rice is called__________________?

A. Barani crop
B. Dubari crop
C. Ratoon crop
D. Sure crop

1080. The value of regression and correlation is the same when the correlation between two variables is_________________?

A. Imperfect
B. Perfect
C. Positive
D. Negative


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