721. A curve consisting two or more arcs of different radii curving in the same direction with common tangent is called ___________________?

A. Composite curve
B. Compound curve
C. Double curve
D. All are correct

722. Hydrology is the science which deals with the depletion and recharge of water resources yearly therefore. its knowledge is a must to _________________ properly the water resources?

A. Develop
B. Manage
C. Remodel
D. Rehabilitate

723. After rainfall the quantity of water that flows directly over the ground surface and join immediately to the river is called_________________?

A. Surface runoff
B. Sub-surface runoff
C. Base flow
D. True surface runoff

724. The field capacity is the water retained by a saturated soil after free drainage of surplus water to the ground water table but the water retained by a saturated soil after being centrifuged by a centrifugal force of 1000 times that of gravity is called________________?

A. Soil moisture
B. Equivalent moisture
C. Field moisture
D. Available moisture

725. Infiltration capacity curve is the graphical representation, as to how the infiltration capacity varies with time after rainfall this curve was represented by ____________________?

A. Darcy
B. Horton
C. Lacy
D. Kennedy

726. If E1 is the energy before the hydraulic jump and E2 is the energy after the hydraulic jump the efficiency of jump is then given by _____________________?

A. E2 – E1
B. E2 / E1
C. E1 – E2
D. E1 / E2

727. A water flow available in the drains without irrigation season i.e.flow of sanitary sewage is called____________________?

A. Municipal flow
B. Dry weather flow
C. Waste water flow
D. Surface flow

728. The Indus plain is the main agricultural producing region in the country which receives about________________m m of rain fall annually?

A. 100 mm
B. 150 mm
C. 175 mm
D. 200 mm

729. A graph which shows the volume of a reservoir or tank at any given water level is called ____________________?

A. Mass curve
B. Volume curve
C. Capacity curve
D. All are correct

730. That point in a body at which it will balance if loaded or supported is called ____________________?

A. Centre of pressure
B. Centre of mass
C. Centre of gravity
D. Mass centre