1251. Conservation of germplasm under natural condion is called_________________?
A. In-situ conservation
B. Gene bank
C. Ex-situ conservation
D. Obsolute cultivars

1252. Gene pool consist of____________________?
A. Modern cultivars
B. Advanced breeding materials
C. Land race
D. All the above

1253. Germplasm collected within the country is known as____________________?
A. Active collection
B. Working collection
C. Indigenous collection
D. Exotic collection

1254. A place or area where maximum variability of crop plants is observed__________________?
A. Genetic diversity
B. Micro centers
C. Gene sanctuaries
D. Centers of diversity

1255. System of mating were given by_________________?
A. Sewell Wright (1921)
B. Mather (1953)
C. Bruce and Keebel (1908)
D. Shall and East (1920)

1256. Allogamy leads to___________________?
A. Homozy gosity
B. Heterozy gosity
C. Segregation
D. none of the above

1257. The term mitosis was coined by________________?
A. Flemming (1882)
B. De Vries and correns (1908)
C. Bruce and Keeble (1908)
D. Non of these

1258. Artificial vegetative reproduction is done by_________________?
A. Grafting
B. Budding
C. Layering
D. All the above

1259. When pollination and fertilization occur in unopened flower bud it is known as__________________?
A. Hamogamy
B. Cleistogamy
C. Chasmogamy
D. All the above

1260. Allogamy is promoted by____________________?
A. Male sterility
B. Dichiny
C. Herkogamy
D. All the above