971. The higher leachate conductivity is associated with__________________?

A. Mature seeds
B. Immature seed?
C. Abnormal seeds
D. All the above

972. Vigor index of seedings in rice can be determined on___________________?

A. Quantitative basis
B. Qualitative basis
C. Both a & b
D. None of the above

973. Electrolytes leakage is defendant on_________________?

A. Condition of cell membrane
B. Cracking of seed test
C. Both a & b
D. None of the above

974. Azolla which fixes nitrogen in rice field is__________________?

A. Bacteria
B. Fungi
C. Ferm
D. None of the above

975. The CO, content of air is___________________?

A. 1%
B. 10.3%
C. 0.03%
D. 0.002%

976. Sowing seed without any tillage in the soil is called__________________?

A. Minimum tillage
B. Zero tillage
C. Secondary tillage
D. None of the above

977. Fertilizer application before seed sowing is called__________________?

A. Top dressing
B. Broadcasting
C. Basal application
D. Drilling

978. Sexual reproduction in plants takes place by____________________?

A. Stem cutting
B. Suckers
C. Seeds
D. None of the above

979. Zinc deficiency is generally observed in_________________?

A. Wheat
B. Vegetables
C. Race
D. Cotton

980. Mutual association between fungi and roots of plants is known as_________________?

A. Rhizospher
B. Mycorrhizae
C. Root fungi
D. None of the above